About The Instructor

Larisa Lewis studied at the Pyotr Stolyarsky Special Music School for Gifted Children in Odessa, Ukraine. She received her Bachelor’s Degree at the State Music College also in Odessa, and she achieved her Master of Music Degree at the prestigious Nezhdanova Conservatoire in Odessa.

Her studies included Violin and Piano class, Chamber Ensemble, as well as Aesthetics, Philosophy, Psychology, Pedagogy, and Cultural History of Western Europe. After teaching for eleven years at the Odessa Special Music School, she performed for nine years with the Lviv Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra.

Since arriving in Colorado, Larisa Lewis has been teaching violin and piano at her private studio. She has been a member of the American Music Teachers National Association. Her students participate in SPA and MTNA competitions and have been awarded First Place Prizes. By the request of parents or students, Larisa Lewis also teaches the Theory of Music.

What We Do


Whether you’re a beginner or advanced level musician we listen to your goals, help evaluate your current skill level, and customize lesson plans to fit your experience and achieve your intentions.


We show AND tell our students about the application of techniques and music theory while working through proper learning progression to further improve your abilities, knowledge, and repertoire.


We provide engaging material and personalized lessons to promote development based on your motivation for playing an instrument, plus we offer competitive opportunities for students.

What Makes Us Unique


Denver Young Artists Orchestra Concerto Competition, MTNA State Competition, Colorado International Children’s Festival, Songbirds Youth Music Festival by Global Musical Bridges


Students have been awarded over $80,000 in musical scholarships while being taught, tutored, and mentored by Larisa Lewis


Larisa’s students have played at Bottecher Concert Hall, performed with Master Class in Italy with conductor Stefano Vignati, and achieved 1st, 2nd, and 3rd chair orchestra positions

Lessons.com Reviews:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Master teacher

As a professional musician with over thirty years of experience and a doctorate from one of the premier music institutions, I can fully vouch for Larisa as a master teacher. Having recently arrived in Denver, my daughter has had the good fortune of working with her. Larisa has a vast knowledge of advanced violin technique and repertoire. Her approach combines the application of technique while focusing on musical expression and individual interpretation. As such, my daughter has grown both in terms of mastery of the instrument, but also in musical expression and confidence. She is devoted to her students and their musical development. If you are interested in seriously furthering your mastery of the violin, I cannot but highly recommend her to you.

Dr. Richard Strasser

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Professional and dedicated”

Larisa Lewis is a very professional and dedicated teacher, who gives her soul to her students. She has been teaching my son for six years already and I am very thankful for all the progress my son has made with her. My younger son started taking lessons with her as well. I think if you want to give your child more professional music experience and the teacher who will care for your child’s future, Larisa is the one. Thank you.

Maryana Ayzikovitch

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazing Teacher

I have been playing the violin for over 2 years now. Larisa has helped me start playing, and has helped me develop, and has taught me a lot that I would have never expected to learn in two years. She is helping me catch up to my level every lesson, and the pieces that she chooses are just beautiful. I am glad I have chosen to play the violin, and to learn from her. She is an amazing teacher.

Viktor Frolkov

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Engaging and productive

Mrs. Larisa’s lessons are very engaging and productive. My brother and I both take lessons with her, and we look forward to our lessons every week. She focuses the entire lesson on helping me improve my technique as well as musicality. My brother and I have improved so much within the time we have been with her. She is an amazing teacher, and I am grateful to be taught by her.

Catherine Kim

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